pats sketchbook

I am a painter and practicing architect whose work combines painting and drawing with collage.

Objects found on the beach and in tide pools inspire my current work. The paintings describe an architecture that begins with the objects, filling in what I cannot see.

Natural historians began with the fascination for nature’s mysteries.

The unknown instilling a sense of wonder
Seaweed: watery residue left by tides
Primordial forms connecting to unconscious

4 thoughts on “pats sketchbook

  1. karena75ireland

    I really love what you are doing with the natural history pieces, I too am fascinated by the tides/sea and especially the variety of seaweed that is washed on the shores. I was having a mini mental block but am now on my journey again-thankyou! K

  2. jenninrome

    I love love love the square tide pool closeups with the gorgeous blues and greens! How big are they?

  3. patssketchbook Post author

    I am so happy you like them and also that you found my little blog. So far I only know of two other people that ever look at it. One is Betsy. These little paintings are 12″ by 12″ and they are oil on canvas! I am transitioning. I like them too.

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